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Modern Horizons is the theme for Series 35 of the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges in Forza Horizon 5. Summer proved to be no great shakes, in my opinion, and so I’m hoping for better things as we move into Autumn. And given the heat outside here in the UK, Autumn can’t come soon enough in the real world!

So, let’s see what is in store for us in Series 35 – Autumn of the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges in Forza Horizon 5, shall we?

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 35 - Autumn | TheXboxHub (1)

Part 1: Weekly Car Challenge – Moving Forwards

Toyota’s GR Supra is the subject of this week’s weekly car challenge.

Gazoo Racing and Toyota teamed up to make this car, and while I don’t think it is as nice as the 90’s model of Supra, I wouldn’t be offended if someone gave me one!

Should you not have one already, the car will cost 55.000 credits from the Autoshow.

I’ve made an A Class tune, share code:984217186.

And if you would like a TheXboxHub official livery, the share code is : 115602607! You really want a livery like that, yeah?

Chapter 1 – Unknown!

Get in your new car, take it for a spin. Step one complete. Sadly, I was already in the Supra and completed this step without realising, so I don’t know what it is called. Sorry!

Chapter 2 – Spoilt for Choice

You can have your Supra with either a 2 litre four pot engine, or a 3 litre straight six. Who would get the smaller one?

Anyway, to show how quick this car is, earn 6 stars at speed traps.

Chapter 3 – Can’t Be Beat

Win a Drag race as the 2 litre car once set a quick time (12 seconds). Makes sense, no?

Chapter 4 – The Power of Collaboration

Now simply go for a drive, for 5 miles. Hit the highway!

Complete these tasks and we will be five points closer to the seasonal prizes that are up for grabs with Forza Horizon 5’s Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges for Series 35.

Part 2: Weekly Challenges, Championships and PR Stunts

With the weekly challenge done and dusted, let’s dive into the rest of the mayhem on offer.

The Trial, two Eventlabs, PR Stunts, races, who could ask for more?

The Trial – Honda-Ful Driving

Time to play as a team. I know I say it every week, but hopefully sooner or later someone will notice…

As you may have guessed, we need a Honda for this event, tuned to A Class 800. I went with an S2000 CR, share code : 294348066.

Last week was pretty good, so let’s hope the racing gods smile on this week, as we attempt to win a Ferrari 812. It’s Superfast, you know!

Eventlab 1 – PINHEAD LARRY06 Presents Laderas Core

We need a Retro Sports car, and a tune of B Class 700. I went with a Nissan Skyline GT-R, from 1993. The share code? Well, that is 135285831.

No fewer than three 90 degree bends in the second half of the lap make this a challenging but fun layout. The class of the car is matched very well to the track, so this was a pleasure to drive.

A Shark Outfit though! Time to replace the dinosaur?

Eventlab 2 – AUDIBLEJAM509 Presents Mexico Island Raceway Club

We need a Japanese car tuned to A Class 800, and so I went with the same car as in the Trial! A Honda is Japanese, right?

A fast and fun course, I loved getting a little bit of handbrake action in the second half of the circuit.

Take away a Ford Mustang S5 as a reward.

PR Stunt 1 – Speed Zone – Orilla Del Rio

This week, all the PR stunts need the same car, an S2 Class 998 car. Any car!

With this being an off road trap, it is only right to let the BMW X5M FE out to play – two weeks on the trot. The share code for mine is : 519084427. An average speed of over 120 mph will see us win out

Do so and you’ll find a Super Wheelspin heading your way in return.

PR Stunt 2 – Drift Zone – Arbolada

Drifting with the same restrictions as above means a stock Hoonicorn is called for. Simples!.

Score over 150,000 drift points to win.Top tip – don’t let the rear wheels get in line with the front ones!

Another Super Wheelspin awaits.

Seasonal Championship 1 – Dodging Demons and Dirt

We need to use a Rally Monster, tune it to S1 Class 900 and then go off road racing. What could go wrong? It had to be the Hoonigan Escort RS1800 for me, and the share code is : 264985022.

For winning out, we can take home a Dodge Demon, oddly enough…

Seasonal Championship 2 – Keeping Things Civil

Let’s get rocking! (see what I did there?)

We need to grab a Super Hot Hatch, tune it to A Class 800, and go racing. I chose a Focus RS from 2017, and the share code is : 151963655.

The prize for winning is a Honda Civic. That’s almost civil, I guess…

Seasonal Championship 3 – Delta With It

We need a Modern Supercar for this event, tuned to S1 Class 900, and so I chose a Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4, share code : 101467248. You’ll see this again later on too!

We can take home a Lancia Delta. I know, I was shocked too!

Part 3: Other Challenges

There’s always more to get involved in than just the racing, and that is the case again this week with Series 35, as Autumn comes to the fore. You’ve got a photo to take, some Horizon Open Racing, Playground Games and a Collectible Challenge. Packed!

Photo Challenge – #SETTINGRECORDS

Take a photo of any of the Horizon Special – Worlds Fastest cars in Guanajuato to complete this challenge.. What could be easier? I chose a Bugatti Veyron Supersport, as I believe it is pretty quick.

Enjoy my artistic effort up at the top of this piece. The location you need to be in is below.

The reward? A new song, Keeno – Nocturne. I’m sure I’ve got this already…

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 35 - Autumn | TheXboxHub (2)

Horizon Open – Cleaning Up

This week the challenge is to earn five Clean Racing skills in online racing, which given most people think that they are playing dodgems is easier said than done!

No tips or tunes from me, as it could be literally any class, but do your best to win big.

How big? How about a Painter Hoodie? Massive!

Collectibles – Mascot of the Future

Someone has left some robots out around Gran Telescopio and we need to smash ten of them. See the picture below for what we are looking for and the location.

Our reward is a new emote – The Robot. See what they did there?

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 35 - Autumn | TheXboxHub (3)
Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 35 - Autumn | TheXboxHub (4)

Seasonal Playground Games – Locking In

Anything goes is the class here, and S2 Class 998 the limit. Sounds like a job for the BMW X5M FE , share code for mine is : 519084427.

Win or lose, you’ll be taking home a “pop N’ Lock” emote. Groovy.

Part 4: Hot Wheels Events

If you have the Hot Wheels expansion and are an Elite Level player, then you get to enjoy a couple of extra events.

Seasonal PR Stunt – Danger Sign – Ice Crash

We need to grab an S2 Class 998 car, any car, and do some jumping.

I went with my favourite, the Koenigsegg Agera RS, share code : 109282883.

The target is 600 m, which is pretty far.Hitting the ramp at 220 mph saw me jump 670, so not too hard.

The prize is another Super Wheelspin. I stopped counting long ago.

Seasonal Championship – Picking your Favourite

A Forza Cover car, tuned to S1 Class 900 is the class here, and so I went with a Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4, share code : 101467248.

Completing the championship will get us a Mercedes SLS AMG, as you may have guessed.

Part 5: Rally Adventure Events

The Rally Adventure expansion brings even more events to the roster and provided you are already a Horizon Badlands champion, you’ll get access to the following couple of events…

Seasonal PR Stunt – Speed Trap – Orogrande Rush

Anything Goes and S2 Class 998 are the limits here, and if speed is required, the Koenigsegg Agera RS is the answer, share code : 109282883.

We need to do more than 160 mph through the trap.

A Super Wheelspin is your reward.

Seasonal Championship – Turbo Reservations

We need a Subaru and a B Class 700 tune for this event, and so I went with something slightly left field – a BRZ. The share code? Well that will be: 139235813.

The reward for racing? A Porsche 911 Turbo.

The rewards for Series 35 and Autumn in Forza Horizon 5

With Series 35 almost halfway done, the road to the new cars for the month has just begun. And they are the KIA EV6 GT for 80 points and a Raesr TS for 160 points. Play your cards right and that Kia could be yours this week!

Even more Rivals circuits have now been added with Series 35, but a reduced number – only 2 this month. San Juan Scramble for real engines, and Linea Costera Sprint for battery powered cars. Post a clean lap on each to score 4 whole points towards the prize cars.

Grab enough points and Series 35 Autumn also sees you given access to the exclusive Ionic 5 N ‘23 for 20 points. Additionally, for 40 points we can get a Nissan Z ‘23, a hard to find car apparently.

Stay tuned at the same time next week for the rest of eries 35 to play out. I’ll give you the best tunes and cars to help with the challenges on offer in Winter and Spring. And then no doubt it will be Series 36…

To enjoy these events in the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges, you’ll need a copy of Forza Horizon 5. It’s available on Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and on the cloud via mobile. The Xbox Store will sort you out with a download.

Let us know in the comments if I have helped, hindered or missed the mark with these tunes.

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 35 - Autumn | TheXboxHub (2024)
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