Have 10 hours? IBM will train you in AI fundamentals - for free (2024)

Have 10 hours? IBM will train you in AI fundamentals - for free (1)

Long before ChatGPT blasted onto the scene and sucked all the air out of the room, there was IBM Watson. Watson itself rose to fame when, in 2011, it beat reigning champion Ken Jennings on the TV game show Jeopardy.

Fun fact: ZDNET's own Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols was once a clue on Jeopardy.

Anyway, back to our story. My point is that IBM has a long history with AI and has not been sitting still. Its generative AI solution, Watsonx, focuses on enabling businesses to deploy and manage both traditional machine learning and generative AI, tailored to their unique needs.

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I'm telling you this because if any company has the cred to offer a credential on AI fundamentals, it's IBM.

IBM's AI Fundamentals program is available on its SkillsBuild learning portal. The credential takes about 10 hours to complete, across six courses.

Because I have long had an interest in AI ethics (I did a thesis on AI ethics way back in the day), I took the AI ethics class. It was good.

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It discussed the challenge of balancing technology with ethical responsibility. Key topics included the five pillars of AI ethics, the importance of fairness and avoiding bias, and the need for AI systems to be transparent, explainable, and robust against attacks. The session also emphasized governance, the protection of personal data, and the significance of privacy through data minimization and differential privacy.

I subsequently took all the courses in the credential program. To get started, create a free account onIBM's SkillsBuild learning portal. All the following links to IBM's free AI courses require you to have created that account and be logged in before you can use them.

Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals Learning Plan: You'll explore AI's history, and then see how it can change the world. Along the way, you'll dive deep into ways that AI makes predictions, understands language and images, and learns using circuits inspired by the human brain. After a hands-on simulation in which you build and test a machine learning model, you'll finish with tips on how to find your career in AI.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (1 hour and 15 minutes): Less than a century old, AI has already undergone three waves of transformative development. Today it gives humanity the most powerful tools for analyzing complex data, not only to find meaning but also to learn without human intervention. In this course, you'll survey AI's history and explore ways that it can shed light on unstructured data.

Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision (1 hour and 30 minutes): You might already know that some AI systems can understand human language, identify visual images, and even create original art. But do you know how these systems do it? In this course, you'll explore the theory of natural language and vision processing and learn how these technologies drive real-world mechanisms such as chatbots and photo analysis.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning (2 hours): In this course, you'll see how machines can learn and make amazing, evidence-based predictions. Explore the logic behind computers' ability to learn, then investigate new ways that AI systems inspired by neurons in the human brain can solve difficult problems.

Run AI Models with IBM Watson Studio (1 hour and 45 minutes): In this course, you'll practice creating a machine learning model in a series of simulations, using IBM Watson Studio. This is hands-on time that can help you do actual work with AI.

AI Ethics (1 hour and 45 minutes): You might have heard about problems that arise when AI systems misinterpret data or propose solutions that reflect human prejudice. This is the course I talked about above. Through real-world examples, you'll learn about AI ethics, how they are implemented, and why AI ethics are so important in building trustworthy AI systems.

Your Future in AI: The Job Landscape (1 hour): Are you considering a career in AI? In this course, learn about the AI job market's rapid growth and the skills needed for success in this exciting field. You'll hear how real professionals got their start, and find resources and learning opportunities that could help you work alongside them.

My experience taking the full course

The week between Christmas and New Year's Day is usually fairly quiet, especially when it comes to the usual daily email traffic. Last year, I used that time to take this course, doing one session most days, and circling back later in the day for a second session on two of the days.

Most sessions are a combination of reading, with a few spotlight videos thrown in. They end with a quiz. Since you can retake the quiz over and over again until you get it right, there's no need to fear test taking. I got most of the quizzes correct on the first try, but when my little dog distracted me, I wound up retaking one -- with no negative impact on my coursework.

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Each course dives into an aspect of AI and helps explain it. Without a doubt, I have a better feel for some of the generative AI processes than I did before taking it. More to the point, the courses were interesting and the video lectures engaging. There were also some interactive experiences in the course that I found compelling.

Most of the courses are vendor-agnostic, but there was a Watson course that was specific to IBM's offerings. It didn't take more than an hour or so, and while I'm not in IBM's target market for their offering, it wasn't a waste of time to learn what IBM has for AI-related solutions.

As I said earlier, I liked the ethics section. If you're interested in a job in AI, you'll like the last session, which is a full dive into what to expect if you want to work in this field. It's worth the price of admission (even if the admission wasn't free) for that session alone.

I wound up with an official certificate, which I put on my LinkedIn profile. Stay tuned, because I'll be showing you how to add a verifiable training certificate to LinkedIn within the next week or so.

Overall, the course was a great experience and I got a lot out of it.

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Also, a few of you asked about signing up for the course. There was some confusion because you can't get to the course directly. Be sure to go to the main IBM SkillBuild entry portal and create an account. Once you have a verified account (it's free), then you can get into the courses IBM offers.

In fact, if you visit this page (you need to be logged in), you'll see a bunch of short, less than an hour, e-learning opportunities. They include:

  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • Introduction to Generative AI
  • Mastering the Art of Prompting
  • Improve Your Resume Writing with Generative AI
  • Artificial Intelligence in Practice

Finally, the IBM folks asked me to tell you they also offer a free Fundamentals of Sustainability and Technology course. You can find it on SkillBuild as well. That course also offers a verifiable credential.

More resources

This is the third article in our series of free learning resources for those interested in exploring AI or building a career around this amazing technology. Be sure to check outThe best free AI courses (and whether AI 'micro-degrees' and certificates are worth it)for the other free courses we've explored.

So, there you go. Sign up now and use your spare time to get a new credential. If you take any of these courses, please report back in the comments below and let us know what you think.

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Have 10 hours? IBM will train you in AI fundamentals - for free (2024)


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Apr 24, 2024

Have 10 hours IBM AI fundamentals? ›

IBM's AI Fundamentals program is built inside of its SkillsBuild learning portal. The credential takes about ten hours to complete, across six courses. Because I have had a long interest in AI ethics (I did a thesis on AI ethics way back in the day), I took the AI ethics class. It was good.

How much does IBM AI certification cost? ›

How much does the IBM AI Engineering professional certificate cost? Ans. The course can be completed within 1, 3 or 6 months. Depending on the duration of the course, the cost ranges from INR 3,698 – INR 11,095.

Is the IBM course free? ›

Free online courses from IBM

Above all, guided by principles for trust and transparency and support for a more inclusive society, IBM is committed to being a responsible technology innovator and a force for good in the world.

Is Google offering free AI training program? ›

Introduction to Responsible AI: This microlearning course outlines the concept of responsible AI, its significance, and Google's approach to its implementation in products. Introduction to Image Generation: Learn diffusion models for image generation with theory. Google is offering free online courses on AI.

Is there a completely free AI? ›

Rytr is the best budget-friendly AI writing tool. It's one of the few tools that offers a completely free plan and very reasonable paid plans.

How long to prepare for Azure AI Fundamentals? ›

AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam Details:

It takes about 10-12 hours in all to study for Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900). Refer to the following links for getting started with the preparation process of Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900). For more details, log on to the official website.

How long does it take to complete the IBM Data Analyst certificate? ›

In this program, you'll learn in-demand skills like Python, Excel, and SQL to get job-ready in as little as 4 months. Data analysis is the process of collecting, storing, modeling, and analyzing data that can inform executive decision-making, and the demand for skilled data analysts has never been greater.

What is IBM AI certification? ›

Kickstart your career in artificial intelligence. Build job-ready skills in AI technologies, generative AI models, and programming and learn to build AI-powered chatbots and apps in just 6 months. Taught in English.

Why is AI training so expensive? ›

To train large language models, AI companies rely on graphics processing units — GPUs — that can process vast amounts of data at high speeds. Not only are these chips in short supply, but they're also exceedingly expensive, with the most cutting-edge features made primarily by a single company: Nvidia Corp.

Is AI certification worth it? ›

An AI certification equips individuals with an in-depth understanding of AI technologies, including machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and natural language processing. This comprehensive skill set enables professionals to tackle complex problems and drive innovation across diverse industries.

What is the best program to learn AI? ›

  • IBM. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) ...
  • DeepLearning.AI. AI For Everyone. ...
  • Google Cloud. Introduction to Generative AI. ...
  • IBM. IBM AI Developer. ...
  • IBM. Python for Data Science, AI & Development. ...
  • Multiple educators. Machine Learning. ...
  • University of Pennsylvania. AI For Business. ...
  • IBM. AI Foundations for Everyone.

How can I use IBM for free? ›

Create your account at no charge. Try over 40 always-free products with no time limit. Your free IBM Cloud account is a Pay-as-you-go account and includes access to 50+ products with a free tier. Only pay for what you use beyond the free tier.

How much are IBM courses on Coursera? ›

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Requirements: There is no prior experience, knowledge, or training required. Cost: The course costs $49 per month by subscription on Coursera.

How valuable is IBM certification? ›

In conclusion, an IBM certification is not merely a badge; it's a strategic move that can propel your career to new heights. The industry recognition, skill validation, and career advancement opportunities it offers make it a valuable asset in your professional journey.

Can I train my own AI? ›

Custom training

If none of the AutoML solutions address your needs, you can also create your own training application and use it to train custom models on Vertex AI.

Is there a free course for artificial intelligence? ›

The free 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' microskill course is provided by the National AI Centre (NAIC), coordinated by Australia's national science agency CSIRO, and the Institute of Applied Technology Digital (IATD).

How to learn AI on your own? ›

How do I start artificial intelligence from scratch? Start with a solid foundation in computer science and a strong grip on a programming language, preferably Python. Next, learn basic algorithms followed by machine learning and data science principles. Apply theoretical knowledge through AI projects.

Where can I learn Generative AI for free? ›

Top 10 Free Generative AI Courses
  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) Specialization (Coursera – DeepLearning.AI) ...
  • Generative Models (GitHub – MIT) ...
  • Generative Deep Learning with TensorFlow (Coursera – DeepLearning.AI) ...
  • Generative Deep Learning (GitHub – David Foster) ...
  • Introduction to Generative AI (Google Cloud)
Apr 5, 2024

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