What Is Rollie Pollie Baddies Real Name? Her Age, Husband, Dating (2024)


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A seasoned reality star, Rollie Pollie is no stranger to fans of reality TV, having previously graced the screen as a contestant on “One Mo’ Chance” in 2020. However, it was her presence on “Baddies South” that ignited curiosity among viewers.

As her name and fame continue to rise, fans are clamouring to unravel the mystery behind her real name and financial details. In the quest to unveil the person behind the persona, let’s delve a little deeper into the world of Rollie Pollie.

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Early Personal Life

While she goes by the whimsical moniker Rollie Pollie, in reality, her given name is Gia Mayham, a fact that adds a touch of intrigue to her persona. Gia was born on 12 September 1992, claiming Atlanta, GA, as her hometown, and proudly holding American nationality.

Despite her on-screen prominence, Rollie Pollie remains remarkably private about her family life. Details about her parents and siblings are securely tucked away from the public eye, adding an air of mystery to the narrative surrounding this reality TV luminary.


Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about Rollie Pollie’s childhood or her family. She’s kept details about her parents and possible siblings out of the limelight. Similarly, we have no idea what kind of upbringing the starlet had, including her education.


The year 2021 witnessed the debut of the widely acclaimed series “Baddies”, on the Zeus Network. Swiftly captivating a devoted following, the show’s charm lay in its eclectic array of quirky stars and a compelling premise: a group of women embarking on cross-country adventures to savour the nightlife of major cities.

Rollie Pollie From Baddies West Faces Backlash For Getting A BBL – Before & After Pics https://t.co/1xtBzY7dXH pic.twitter.com/I4tM0wOmwk

— Peter Dredd (@PeterDredd) May 17, 2023

Fast forward to 2022 and the second season, aptly named “Baddies South,” took the narrative beyond Atlanta, expanding the cast to include even more outlandish characters. Stealing the spotlight in Season 2 was Rollie Pollie, who emerged as a fan favourite. Her magnetic appeal stemmed from a blend of wild humour and an unabashed indifference to public opinion, offering viewers an entertaining spectacle.

Rollie Pollie’s television journey, however, predates “Baddies South.” A prior appearance on “The Jerry Springer Show” showcased a different side of her persona. Making her mark in 2017, Rollie Pollie engaged in spirited challenges, from impromptu dancing to an unexpected pasta shower on stage, leaving both the audience and Jerry Springer himself amused.

Before gracing “Baddies South”, Pollie had a stint on the Zeus Network’s “One Mo’ Chance,” gaining fan acclaim for her spirited encounters, notably a viral clash with cast member Wap Wap on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.

Beyond the screen, Rollie Pollie has ventured into the world of rap music, seeking to leverage her reality show fame. Joining the ranks of reality stars turned musicians, she follows in the footsteps of icons including Remy Ma and Cardi B who originated from “Love & Hip-Hop.”

Yet, it wasn’t just reality shows that propelled Rollie Pollie into the limelight. Her appearance on “The Jerry Springer Show, coupled with her lively social media presence, established her as a notable figure. Clips of her dynamic dancing circulated the internet, sparking debate among fans about her authenticity within the entertainment industry.

Amidst the speculation, one thing remains clear—Rollie Pollie, with her charismatic presence, has garnered considerable clout well before her Zeus Network debut. Whether dancing on a daytime talk show, or navigating the drama of reality TV, Rollie Pollie’s journey is marked by an undeniable flair that continues to captivate audiences, and keeps the Zeus Network enamored with her unique brand of entertainment.

Interesting Facts

Rollie Pollie, not immune to controversy, has encountered her fair share of challenges. There was a clash with Wap Wap from the show, a skirmish that didn’t sit well with some fans, which stands as a testament to the divisive reactions surrounding the star.

Beyond this, she’s navigated turbulent waters with “Baddies” co-stars Anne and Natalie Nunn, further fueling the polarized sentiments directed her way.

While Rollie Pollie commands unwavering adoration from her dedicated fan base, the same sentiment doesn’t extend to all quarters. Haters, unimpressed by her actions and conflicts, harbor a distinct lack of admiration for her. Yet, it’s precisely this mixture of love and disdain that has contributed to the undeniable magnetism surrounding Rollie Pollie, garnering her a considerable and engaged following.

Rollie Pollie has revealed on social media that she used to be an exotic dancer and stripper in Las Vegas. That’s years ago, though, and she doesn’t have to do anything like that to earn money anymore.

Later Personal Life

Rollie Pollie seems to want to keep her romantic life private, so there isn’t any information available about potential lovers in her life. She has a son, though, who’s around 14 years old. His name is David, details about his father have yet to be discovered.

Physical Characteristics

Rollie Pollie is about 5ft 6ins (167cms) tall but there is no information available about her current weight. She has dark brown eyes and her hair colour changes quite often. She’s been seen with orange, pinkand even green hair.

Net Worth

Rollie Pollie works very hardm and as such it’s no surprise that her net worth is estimated to be about $500, 000 as of late 2023.

What Is Rollie Pollie Baddies Real Name? Her Age, Husband, Dating (2024)
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